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Bleach: One Bounto Left!!! Kariya Jin!!!


I guess every Bleach fan right now would be eagerly waiting for episode 107, which will most probably showcase the climatic battle between Kurosaki Ichigo & the leader of the Bountos, Kariya Jin!!!

Ever since the Bountos entered Seireitei, they have been one by one eliminated by the shinigamis there, most of whom are Captains. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.


The first Bounto to die in Seireitei is Mabashi. His doll is Rizu which has the ability to create as many duplicates as possible and penetrate into the bodies of others, so as to take control of them. Just by the sound of it, this technique certainly seems scary.

After implanting his Rizu into one of the 2nd Squad Captain, Soifon’s subordinates, Mabashi then controlled him into poisoning Soifon, causing her to be weakened greatly. However, Soifon has the ability to counteract any kind of poison and thus, she managed to overcome the poison and strike Mabashi at the same spot twice with her Suzumebachi. When one is hit twice on the same spot by this attack, it means instant death for that person.


The next Bounto to die is Sawatari, together with his doll, Baura. Baura resembles that of a giant stonefish and its ability is that it can swallow anything and its stomach is linked to another dimension. Anything which enters its stomach will eventually decompose and die. It also has the ability to move between dimensions in the atmosphere, not just limited to solid objects.

After angering the 12th Squad Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the captain thus unleashed his Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou. With the Bankai, it released a great deal of deadly poison made from the blood of the captain itself. Unable to take it, Sawatori died in the end.


After Sawatori, the next Bounto to die is Yoshi. Her doll is called Nieder, a two-part offense made up of a sword and a giant fan. They are both connected to each other by a chain and the sword is used to attack while the fan is used to defend. Her opponent this time round is Ishida Uryuu, a Quincy. It seems that his only ability lies in shooting arrows made of amplified spirit particles.

With this alone, it seems impossible for him to defeat Yoshi. After a round of intense battle, he finally discovered Yoshi’s weakness, which is that whenever she changes the form of her doll, there will be a short time interval. Ishida made use of this time opportunity to shoot an arrow at her heart directly, thus winning the battle.


The 2nd last Bounto to die is Koga, who is supposed to be the strongest Bounto after Kariya. His doll is called Daruku, a metallic spider woman. Daruku has the ability to split its body up into many tiny molecules, so that it becomes difficult to kill it. It can also turn into a spider web to entrap the opponent, as well as firing heavy metal balls at its opponents, injuring them greatly.

I must say that Koga is extremely unlucky to have the 10th Squad Captain, Hitsugaya Toushirou as his opponent. Although he is the youngest among all the captains, he is totally aggressive when it comes to battle. By releasing his Shikai, Hyourinmaru, it freezes Daruku and the Captain thus crush the whole doll into bits & pieces. After that, Koga reveals that Daruku is not dead yet as her core, which is in the form of a giant metal axe, is still around.

At this point of time, Koga absorbed lots of spirit particles and his reiatsu (spirit power) increased by leaps and bounds. Hitsugaya thus decided to go all out and he released his Bankai, Daiguren Hyourinmaru. In an intense battle between them, Koga was caught in one of the ice attacks of Hitsugaya and was sent crashing to the ground. Afterwhich the Hitsugaya slashed him with his zanpakutou (soul slayer) and the battle ended.


With these Bountos dead, only the leader, Kariya Jin, is left. I guess his climatic battle with ichigo will be one that can’t be afford to be missed!!! So everyone, be sure to catch episode 107 of Bleach!!! Let’s hope that Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu will crush Kariya’s wind doll!!!

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Real-Life Naruto Action!!! KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!!

You have gotta see this video if you love naruto!!! This video is so hilarious it left me laughing non-stop and continuing to watch it over and over again!!!

Learn from this person if you want to master the Shadow Replication Technique (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) !!!

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Birth of the Anime Paradise!!!

Hello all Anime Fans out there!!! You have definitely come to the right place if you are looking for an incredible webpage with loads of quality Anime information!!! Well, from this first post onwards, be prepared to see more interesting Anime-related stuffs which some of you have never even know about the Anime!!!

Well, let loose yourself and have a fun & marvellous time here!!! The last thing I have to say to all… ANIME RAWKS!!!

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