Welcome all Anime Fans to my ANIME PARADISE!!!

Feast your eyes on incredible Anime stuffs!!!


Below are some Anime-related websites that will definitely catch anyone’s attention!!!


Here, you will find loads, and I mean literally loads, of Anime stuffs and their synopsis. It’s a great site to lay your hands on some information you may first want to know about an Anime before actually investing your time to watch it.

Anime MP3 Collection

Been frustrated cuz you can’t find the theme or ending song of a certain Anime which you have been watching? Don’t worry. Your ultimate solution is right here with just one, simple click.

Anime Gallery

“WOW!!! That Anime character is so cool!!! The female character is also so beautiful!!!” If this is what you have always been thinking about the characters in an Anime, you will definitely be ecstatic to find all their pictures & wallapapers right here.

Anime Lyrics

Ever been touched by an Anime song’s lyrics? You can find all of them here in this website & sing to your hearts’ content. Immerse yourself in the world of beautiful Anime lyrics right now.

Anime Drawing Workshops

Interested in learning how to draw those mesmerizing Anime characters which can melt one’s heart? This website is a must for those who wish to be one of those aspiring Anime artists.


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